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A New Pattern



I recently released a new pattern. Her name is Pumpkin Pie. This particular doll is the daughter of 2 of my previous patterns Autumn Woods and Sam “Scare” Crow

You can find Pumpkin Pie’s pattern on both Ravelry and Craftsy



The Girl with ODD (Obsessive Dragon Disorder) and the Quest to become a “Mother of Dragons” Part 1

It All Begins with an Idea and Colors


“Mother of Dragons”? Why yes exactly! Now while it is no secret, to those who know me, I am a major geek. I have had an obsession with Dragons for far longer than I have been crafting. I’m really not sure how or even why it started, but I have been fascinated with these larger than life creatures for quite sometime. From books about Dragons, movies, T.V. shows, to collectibles and statues, my obsession knows no bounds, and now it has spilled over to my designing.

About 6 months or so ago, I participated in a reddit gifts gift exchange for stuffies (stuffed animals). The person who drew me was amazing and sent me 2 stuffed dragons. One of them being this very fuzzy, squishy, and rather rotund, dragon. After pulling him out of the box, I immediately exclaimed “IT”S A FAT DRAGON!” The obsession grew. Soon after, the idea popped into my head to design a crocheted Fat Dragon. An image of this portly creature began to coalesce, to the point where I was dreaming about his different features. Sadly other pattern designs were in the works and Fat Dragon had to be buried deep in the recesses of my crafty little mind. Fast forward to now.

I have drug the images of this dragon out of the recesses and his design has begun. But wait I didn’t really explain the whole “Mother of Dragons” thing did I? It’s simple really. Through a series of pattern designs, I am on a quest to have my name Silverdragon Crafts & Critters be synonymous with the title “Mother of Dragons” It is quite sad that while I have made crocheted dragons from other designers patterns, I have yet to design one myself. Well it’s time to change that!

Now comes the question about this post’s title. Why is there a Part 1? Again another simple answer. This post is the first in a series that will follow my design process and my quest.

It’s time to begin!

How do my designs start? Usually, like a lot of designers, an idea pops into my head. Mostly as a result of something I have seen. In the case of Fat Dragon, it was the stuffie. The design process all starts right here in my craft room, with the choosing of yarn colors and, for this design, thread as well.





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