The Girl with ODD (Obsessive Dragon Disorder) and the Quest to become a “Mother of Dragons” Part 2


IMG_2651The Eyes Have It!

Now where was I? Oh right the colors! So I have now chosen my colors for my design. Easy right? No not really… While it may look easy choosing colors can be rather intimidating. There are a few factors that go into this huge decision, at least for me. Do the colors best represent what I am going for with my design? Will they photograph well? Will the details show up well?

I really did learn this the hard way when I was working on another top secret pattern that I will be releasing in late May. It took me 6 tries to design what was a relatively easy design, all because the colors I had chosen just weren’t working well for me. Once I finally decided on colors that worked well it was all smooth sailing. I’ll go into more details about that when I release the pattern 😉

But I digress. So if I can answer the above questions with a resounding YES with the colors arranged in front of me then it’s time to move on. To what though? Well the first detail of any Ami…the Eyes!

Before I even begin translating what’s in my head to yarn, I have to decide on the eyes. What size and what color? For most of my designs I have chosen eyes that are a little larger than what others may use and usually the color compliments the yarn colors I am using. Autumn has Sage Green eyes to compliment her autumnal colors and also to represent the changing of the season where the grass gets a little less green. Sam has Brown Hazel Eyes and Pumpkin Pie has nice bright green eyes. All of my dolls use 18mm eyes. For Fat Dragon I am using 21mm eyes. I hand paint all of my eyes, with water based acrylic paints, to match or compliment the colors I am using. I use clear safety eyes that can be found here in a variety of sizes:

Fat Dragon has proven to be hard in the area of eyes. I had a difficult time choosing, so I took it to my Facebook fans to help. We started with these 3 colors from left to right: Purple Lilac, Plum and Metallic Purple


After a few comments where it was agreed upon that the Plum was too dark we narrowed it down to this.


Many fans said they liked the Metallic best, but I was leaning towards the Lilac so then we did the comparison against the yarn.


Everyone really loved the metallic as it gave the eye more depth and I had to agree, but at the same time the lilac shows up much better against the yarn. So I thought and thought. Sadly I didn’t have any metallic lilac acrylic paint, but then I remembered something! I have metallic lilac nail polish! Yes you can paint your eyes with nail polish as well. The result is the image you see at the beginning of this post.

As I play more with painting eyes, I am sure to have some tips and tricks to share with you (Blending your own metallic paint). But for now it’s on to the body!

To Be Continued…


One thought on “The Girl with ODD (Obsessive Dragon Disorder) and the Quest to become a “Mother of Dragons” Part 2

  1. Crochet Rox March 8, 2015 at 5:50 am Reply

    You are so creative!! I love the eyes.

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