Busy and a New Venture

Alot has been going on and I have been super busy. Between working, testing pattern and getting caught up on orders there is never a dull moment for me!

Recently I made the decision to begin writing crochet patterns. My specialty is Amigurumi. For those that are unfamiliar with Ami as it is called, it is a style of crochet where rounds are worked continously with no joining until the end of the piece. I have alot of ideas running around in my head. I had thought I was going to start with one thing and ending up deciding on another. In between pattern tests and orders, I will be working up my first ever pattern and I am hoping to release it around the beginning of September, sooner if I can get it worked up and to testers quickly.

I am proud to say that my first pattern will be for an Amigurumi version of the US Air Force’s Hercules C-130, affectionately known as the Herky Bird to his pilots, co-pilots and navigators. This plane by no means will be a small Ami toy LOL. He is a special request from my sister who is a Captain in the Air Force and I hoping that I do her proud with him. I will be posting WIP pictures of him as I get parts worked up.


Oh Wow! The Versatile Blogger Award

Oh Wow! The Versatile Blogger Award

This is pretty cool! One of my fellow crafters has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Now I realize I don’t post alot but I am working on that. Lots has been going on.

When nominated for the award there are some rules you must follow and here they are:
If you have been nominated, nominate fellow bloggers that you love and who are relatively new to blogging. Let them know that you have nominated them. Share 7 random facts about yourself. Thank the blogger who has nominated you. Then add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

My 7 random facts:

1. I have an obssession with Dragons
2. I have 4 beautiful granddaughters
3. My favorite color is Purple!
4. I am one of those weird people who loves nothing more than getting crafting supplies for my birthday or Christmas.
5. I have recently expanded from Crocheted toys to clothing and accessories.
6. I own a Purple Mustang. True story
7. 3 years ago I faced my overwhelming fear of heights to ride a Ferris Wheel with my oldest granddaughter because no one else would ride with her.

I nominate the following blogs
1. The Whole Knit and Caboodle http://wp.me/2QM9q
2. Smalltown Dreamz http://smalltowndreamz.blogspot.com/
3.Made By Christina with Love http://madebycwithlove.com/
4. Mad Mad Me http://032ad8a.netsolhost.com/madmad/
5. HodgePodge Crochet http://wp.me/275PL
6. Whimsy Stitch By Sarah http://wp.me/3fr1i
7. Spiffy Dolls http://spiffydolls.squarespace.com/

The one that started it all


This is the Critter, a Baby Dragon that started my business over 4 years ago.


Welcome! Here you will get a taste of the inner workings at Silverdragon Crafts & Critters

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